Security and Peace of Mind

Englehart Homes was awarded with a number of very prestigious honours to add to its growing list of awards including The Age/D&B Builder and Allied Services Business Award, acknowledging outstanding business achievement and financial performance. This was followed up by Englehart winning the HIA Professional Builder of the Year Award.

Protecting and caring about customers is the primary responsibility of Englehart Homes.

The after service has also been amazing, even with the tiny little things. Nobody at Englehart has a problem helping with the small issues. Imran and Munazza

We provide Home Warranty Insurance as required under law and we constantly review that insurance cover as the company grows and we build larger more expensive homes, some well into the two million plus range. Customers can be reassured that Englehart Homes is now in its strongest financial position ever to meet its commitments and full warranty obligations. In addition, we have recruited additional senior management and we are expanding to meet the growth in our luxury, custom and architectural sector of the market.

Englehart’s reach is growing throughout Melbourne and is not just limited to the top of the market, with Lucas Morris Homes successfully incorporated into the group and Englehart Developments both catering to those on their way up who understand the importance of quality, the combined Englehart Group has a very exciting future.