Melbourne Architects – Special Projects

Englehart Homes prides itself on attention to detail and quality in both interior and exterior elements, as reflected in this Edgard Pirrotta architect design home.


If you are looking for Melbourne Architects to design your new home speak to the team at Englehart first because we have relationships with many of Melbourne’s leading architects, as such we can safely guide you towards the best architect for your special project and budget.

Designing and building a substantial home that makes a statement about who you are and how you like to live; can be one of life’s biggest decisions. Who better to help with this process, than a top end builder with more than 30 years’ experience, countless Awards and a history of superb luxury residences, behind them?

Englehart Homes has created a Special Projects Division for luxury home owners and guides you through the entire process; from selecting suitable Melbourne architects to execute your vision, to working closely with you throughout the build to ensure a superb outcome.

Englehart’s Special Projects Division provides your chosen architect with costing support and construction resources, ensuring all design and quality expectations are fully satisfied with a minimum of fuss.

Englehart Homes has a proven management structure capable of providing consistent high quality outcomes in combination with the Architects, Designers, Suppliers, Manufacturers and Trades.

Major benefits of the Special Projects Division include the allocation of experienced field management supported by proven and reliable trades, accurate estimators that have in-depth knowledge of top end workmanship requirements and fair competitive pricing that allows for services required and expected by architects and their clients.

Englehart also understand that to be successful in the upper end of new home and renovation clientele, service must be uncompromising and professional.

Englehart know that qualified and experienced people, assembled in an well-managed team environment are crucial to a project’s success.

For home owners seeking an unsurpassed level of service and building expertise please contact Ron Englehart or one of his management team who can arrange an inspection of completed or homes under construction.

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