Knock Down Rebuild

Knock down rebuild is the perfect option for those of us who don’t want to move suburbs, move the kids out of schools, or find another home.

Englehart – Your Knock Down Rebuild Experts

If you enjoy your current location but not your existing house, it is time to build a new home. If this is you then why not knock down your existing home and re-build with the experts, Englehart Homes.

Englehart Homes have been building new homes for over 39 years. We have seen new suburbs established, older suburbs prosper and all the while the price of land skyrocket.

Englehart Homes are custom builder’s and will design your new home to suit any block of land, no matter the size. Our proven knockdown rebuild design process makes it easy to start that new home. Englehart can organise the entire process, from demolition, any Town Planning requirements, design and construct the new home, right through to landscaping.

Call Englehart Homes now for your free knock down rebuild consultation – 03 9810 2800.