Dual Occupancy Plans & Designs

Englehart Homes offers a range of dual occupancy plans, designs and solutions that generate the security of a strong investment alongside the high-end design and functionality that every Englehart property creates for its owner. Building multiple properties on a single piece of land offers canny investors and homeowners alike the opportunity to get the most out of their property investment.

Dual occupancies can offer many advantages. Englehart has specifically crafted designs that ensure the process can be both financially rewarding as well as maximising the use of your available land.

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Englehart offers a variety  of different dual occupancy plans, including separate houses on the same site, joined houses or split-level separate accommodations to suit your needs and to best service the site. Standard designs are available to suit typical 15.2 metre wide inner suburban blocks.

This simple and uniquely affordable option offers homeowners the chance to build a home designed specifically to fit together on a single block. The dual occupancy designs that Englehart offer are stylish, elegant duplexes with potential as investment spaces, but they are also built with the attention to detail that make Englehart homes so comfortable for owner-occupiers.

Englehart’s commitment to environmental, practical and functional houses does not waver in the designs of these investment dwellings, and nor does their commitment to elegant, classic design. This sound financial decision still allows homeowners a number of designs that will suit a range of sites.

The value for money a dual occ home can offer investors and homeowners is a unique opportunity that should be explored. The Englehart management team provides the assistance necessary from the design concept to the town planning process.

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